Canada is a vast nation with over 37 million people. Covering six time zones from west to east. Most of the population lives within a short distance from the American border. Covering that incredible amount of territory with an effective sales force means knowing all of the cultural and political nuances.

If you are looking to enter the Canadian Market, or are looking to expand into other parts of Canada, you’ll require a dedicated sales force. Lebanna Solutions can help you find the right sales partners. We offer a trusted level of professionalism for a successful sales and marketing experience. We provide complete sales support for your current customers and are able to introduce your company and products to new territories.

Our sales philosophy is simple: approach each sales opportunity as a way to form new partnerships or reinforce existing relationships, while acting as the manufacturer’s local affiliate. We have an exceptional group of sales professionals that cover every area of our great nation.

Call us today at 416-822-6771 and let’s talk about a new relationship.

Get in touch with us today and let’s talk about a new relationship.